As we travel many paths that is the internet.  We find tons of thought provoking information.
However, we also find things that make us laugh out loud.
With that in mind here is a page to share all those wonderful vibrations that make life fun.

Here are a few names to look up on your own time…..enjoy.

George Carlin
Bill Hicks Start with his “Positive Drug Story” (we put it on here below).
Lewis Black talking about Lance Armstrongs doping was pretty funny. Here is a link.
Bill Maher has some great stuff, just check out his session on North Korea.
John Stewart has some good stuff as well. Check out the interview with George Carlin.

Here is great place for quick laugh http://www.soberstoner.com/


I’m sure you could add to the list…..and hope you do.

Here is one to start…

“Pot will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no pot”
-Author Unknown

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