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Why should you make a donation? Good question.  For us this is a labor of love.  But, as you know, not even love is free. The web hosting, the advertising, the art work, and other business expenses all add up. So we need your help. Money donations help the cause immediately and a lot.

A minimum of 50% of all monies over operating expenses and salaries will be donated to organizations that work for our shared goals including education concerning marijuana, medical marijuana, and hemp products. Donations will help the election of pro cannabis candidates, the promotion of natural health, the cause of sustainable living, and the conservation and protection of our natural resources.

How you can help.


If you cannot currently contribute financially then help spread our message in one or more of the following ways;

Like us,  on social media.

Share,  let us know about cannabis related issues that come to your attention.

Contribute, suggest ways we can improve let us know what we missed and maybe most importantly be sure to tell your friends.


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