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    There are good ways and bad ways to make extractions.  Lets talk about this very serious subject.

    We’re talking about:

    • Shatter
    • Wax
    • BHO (or Butane Honey Oil)
    • CO2
    • Bubble Hash

    …….what else is in that stuff your inhaling?

    The use of solvents by amateur, internet taught chemists is spreading some bad stuff. If the extraction your inhaling is not purged properly you may be get a lot more than THC in that hit. Lets talk more about it….what do YOU know about this new favorite way to ingest our medicine?

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    Here is one often used way to make what some people call “Shatter”.

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    I posted this video to show people are making this “BHO” or Butane Extracted Honey. Done correctly it has been said to be safer than using a regular butane lighter to smoke a bowl with.

    I believe it is wise to get some hard evidence of the potential of left over solvents getting into your blood stream.

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